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Chubby Cubbies and The LOST TREASURE MOVIE

Parents asked for it. Kids love it. And we're making it happen! 

The creators of Chubby Cubbies have been bringing smiles and laughter to kids for over a decade through television, DVD's and digital streaming.  Now we are bringing that same joy to the BIG SCREEN!


So What's Chubby Cubbies All About?

Chubby Cubbies is a 3D animation project that has had a huge and enduring impact on children over the years. 

By making this Chubby Cubbies Movie, we hope to help promote a thought provoking funny adventure that provides strong foundations of lifelong lessons for children. In addition, Chubby Cubbies aims to encourage children to follow their dreams! The film's three protagonists are all adventurers who use their intellect, wits, and courage to overcome countless obstacles on their journey. Duncan, Amy and their favorite cousin, Truman serve as positive role models for little one’s and encourage them to think and Dream Big!




The cubs must use their intellect, wits, and courage to overcome obstacles as they embark on a journey to find the Golden Fields, a secret place set up to protect Queenie Bee and her colony from the heartless and savage honey badgers.  When word gets out that the Cubs have discovered a map leading to the fields an all out chase ensues and what was supposed to have been a fun filled adventure becomes a scramble to help undo the turn of events that could possibly ruin the colony and the entire forest.

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